Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kissing Girls is Hardcore

Katy Perry kissed a girl. And she liked it.

Apparently, she wants everyone to know this, as her moronic single, "I Kissed A Girl" has been on nonstop radio rotation, for no reason other than the fact that it serves as softcore audio porn.
I knew this lyric lip-locking couldn't circulate in the mainstream too long without being deemed a "grrl power" song, compliments of Pink and Avril Lavigne fans who think Perry's homosexual debaucheries are cause for a sisterhood celebration. (these are also the same idiots who pushed Destiny's Childs' "Independent Woman" as a feminist anthem, despite the fact that "Cater 2 you" was released soon after, proving that all that independence was just too much for the gals to handle.)
But to anyone who is not a.) stupid and b.) Katy Perry, this "in-your-face-i-care-about-seeming-as-if-i-dont-care-what-people-think" persona is both contrived and ridiculously cheesy. She creates stereotypical rebellion with dumb, blunt remarks about her ex boyfriends that somehow pass as feminism, which only proves that Perry and her posse only understand it in simplistic terms: ranting about ex-boyfriends + becoming a temporary lesbian = feminist. (the way that wearing your father's tie over a wife beater and using cotton-candy colored dye from the drug store was in Avril and Pink's case)
And i'm sure that Katy's already hard at work on her next wretched album, which i assume will be an "ultra-sexy" extension of the first one. I just hope she know's "I Got Crabs, and I Liked It" won't be as catchy a title.
[Follow up 7/14: I was just informed about an article that either proves a.) I am a prophet. or b.) the mainstream music industry is so utterly predictable.]


Carman said...

I think you need to be listening to better radio.

Helen said...

I just discovered your blog, and it went straight to my favourites and bookmarks even though I've just read the latest two posts.
I don't understand the mainstream music industry. And I can't understand that some people actually buys its crap. This is a perfect example. There are far to many bands with girls/ singers who claim they're
a) feminist
b) "a bit feminist" (what the hell is that, anyway?)
when they're promoting sexism like there was no tomorrow. This seems to be a very good example of that, as well as a very heteronormative way to view bi-/ homosexuality. I can't bring myself to read the lyrics, though, so I might be a bit off here.

Helen said...

I was too lazy to read through my comment and now notice lots of stupid grammar errors. Apologies!

Helen said...

Good grief. Read this... Or don't:

Felicity said...

Those girls have nothing better to do, they are so boring.