Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Assume the following...

Lately, i've been inspired by the wonderful, ever insightful Chuck Klosterman, and decided to whip up a hypothetical of my own.

Hypothetical Q: You meet the man/woman of your dreams. He/she is physically attractive, intelligent, funny, loving, attentive, everything you've ever wanted. The two of you share a special mushy-gushy bond that is so unreal, it seems only comparable to a PG Disney film. You get married, have three beautiful, healthy children. You buy a wonderful house with a lake view, white picket fence (cause thats what every American wants, right?) and a German Shep. named Herman. You are financially stable, you have great sex, life is amazing. But then you find out something shocking: he/she is your first cousin. You, of course, had no idea, and neither did they. Do you tell your spouse? Do you stay in the marriage? Would your feelings for that person change? (Even the sexual attraction?)

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Felicity said...

Now that's a difficult question, hopefully, I would do the research to make sure that he is not my first cousin etc. My husband is going to be a man from a different race anyway.
Thanks for vising my blog. Good one you got get up here!