Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buy or Die

Upon hearing the news that Bitch magazine was in danger of folding, i was going to use this blog to do one of those spin-offs of the Vote of Die campaigns, where i would play P. Diddy, with a shirt that read, "Bitch-assness permitted" (what is bitch-assness, again? and why should someone who calls themselves diddy be allowed to create vocabulary?), suck on a tooth pick while wearing shades and scare you into donating to the magazine with my Aggressive and Intimidating Black Guy attitude.

If that tactic did not work, i would round up some D-list celebrities and a make a black and white commercial where we would wear white T-shirts, look sadly at the camera and recite statistics about domestic violence while Wyclef Jean plays some guitar melodies in the background.

But I visited their website the other day, and somehow they've been able to come up with the $40,000 they needed to run another issue, which--according to the giant wiener dog on the header--will hit the stands December 1st! That being said, i will spare you my purchase pleas for now. However, as we all know, independent magazines need MONEY to sustain. And the difference between folding and sustaining is you, the readers!

So please continue to invest in Bitch, one of the only feminist magazines left.

Or, if you prefer the P. Diddy approach: Buy it or Die, bitches.

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